David P. Hochman online

Published Projects

Oxford Provider Search icon Oxford Provider Search
A public healthcare provider search application using microformats, web standards, advanced CSS, browser compatibility, and unobtrusive JavaScript.  
PCMA 2006 icon The PCMA Un-Show Guide
CD for attendees of The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) 2006 conference. Look ma, no server-side database!
Stamford Eruv icon Stamford Eruv Map
The Interactive Eruv map of Stamford Connecticut, using Google Maps.
SKAC Online SKAC Online
Stamford Kosher Activists Committee, an accessible, mobile-friendly, standards-compliant, community website.

Proposals & Prototypes

Milk Sono icon Milk Sono
An accessible, mobile-friendly, standards-compliant version of the Milk Sono Flash-based website. Not as pretty, but it works on my BlackBerry.
Readster icon Readster
Books, Tools, Resources - Everything for Readers
Stamford dot com icon Stamford.com
A hub for people who live or work in Stamford, Connecticut.

In Development

Display schema-less JSON as HTML to visualize the data.

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